Huddle Spaces

Kramer’s VIA family of wireless hybrid solutions offer user-friendly tools that turn any room into a Hybrid Work space. VIA solutions have enterprise-level security, plug-and-play and BYOM functionality, and the ability to wirelessly share, engage and collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

BYOM and Present

Easily bring your own meeting (BYOM) by being able to connect, present, and collaborate wirelessly from your own desktop or mobile device.

Mirror iOS, MacBook, Android, and Chromebook devices, edit documents together in real-time, share any size file, turn the display into a whiteboard, and much more.  

Offers simple, efficient, and budget-conscious connectivity and collaboration options from desktop and mobile devices.


KR-1000 is one of man simple, effective Kramer@Work Hybrid Work solutions for 4K wireless meeting spaces. It includes all the AV products you need to set up your meeting space. Kramer’s KR-1000 turns any shared common area into a productive, collaborative, and inclusive huddle space for in-office and remote colleagues.

  • Suitable for 1-4 participants
  • Clientless, native wireless presentation & collaboration from iOS, Windows, Android & Mac OS
  • Simple, secure guest connectivity
  • User authentication & 1024–bit encryption

Room Offerings

Casual, spontaneous meeting spaces for 2-6 people  

One display, small table, and a compact VIA device (hidden behing the display or wall-mounted).  

BYOM presentation and user-friendly content sharing

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