VIA Solutions

Wireless presentation systems enabling a presenter and participants to edit, share, and view files with any laptop or mobile device in real-time

Complete BYOM

In-Room and Remote

Integration with
All Major Videoconference

Security & Scalability

Video Streaming

Calendar Integration
(Office365®, Google®)

VIA Connect²

VIA Connect² lets you easily hold enterprise-secure, scalable wireless meetings and classes from any Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, or iOS device, on all major videoconference platforms, in any location worldwide. With a small footprint, VIA Connect² enhances collaboration, increases engagement, and strengthens productivity. Its enterprise technology turns any room into a Hybrid Work or Learning Space.

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VIA GO² delivers reliable, high-resolution wireless connectivity with advanced 4K presentation technology in an ultra-compact design. VIA GO² features full BYOM support and offers built-in Miracast capability, while relying on an industry-leading 1024-bit encryption for secure enterprise use on an internal network.

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VIA Campus²

VIA Campus² delivers next generation dual 4K outputs along with advanced collaboration and engagement tools that enhance interactive learning in education and corporate training environments. View any participant's laptop or mobile device on the main display, edit documents together in real time, share any size file, turn the main display into a digital whiteboard, use any video-conferencing service or any third-party application of your choice, and more.

New! Wirelessly select the professional grade camera and AV in your meeting room for your VC calls.

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VIA Versa Experience

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VIA Campus² PLUS is a simultaneous wired and wireless presentation and collaboration solution with a 4K60 4:4:4 HDMI™ input for simple and seamless wired connectivity. In the age of BYOD collaboration, the option for participants to instantly  turn on their device and begin is invaluable, VIA Campus² PLUS makes simultaneous wired and wireless presentations and collaboration effortless. Whether learning in class or remotely, users can view, edit, and comment on documents in real time and record sessions using any laptop or mobile device.

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Feature Comparison


Campus² PLUS

VIA Campus²/


VIA Connect²

Wireless Connection
BYOD connectivity from any PC, Mac, Chromebook,
or iOS & Android device

Powerful Content Security
User authentication,1024-bit data encryption, dynamic room code

Mobile Mirroring
Show any content from your iOS, Android or Chromebook device on the main display

Full HD Video Streaming
Stream uninterrupted full-HD wireless video (up to 1080p60 using the VIA app Multimedia feature), images and documents in the room or from a remote location

Integrated YouTube Player
Create playlists, share videos or drag and drop any YouTube clip to your VIA app for seamless video playback

Do Not Disturb (DND)
Give the presenter complete control by disabling collaboration features

Customizable Features
Enable or disable features based on need

VIA Pad Compatible
Touch-and-Present USB device for laptops

VIA Site Management (VSM)
Monitor, control and get actionable analytics from all VIA devices on the network; schedule firmware updates, and more

Digital Signage
Display dynamic content on the main display during meeting downtime





Calendar Integration
Display room availability on the VIA wallpaper screen by connecting a Google calendar, Exchange, or a Microsoft Office365 account

View Main Display
View the main display on your own device

Streaming Output
Stream all collaboration activity from the main display to any H264 decoder

Web Conferencing
Connect & collaborate using major videoconference platforms like Zoom® and Teams®

File Storage
Drag and drop files to the Files folder to share instantly with other users

File Sharing
Share any size file with any number of participants

Annotate, illustrate and edit shared documents: touch-screen compatible

Send an instant message to another participant

Enable Control  
Give a participant control over a presenter's Mac or PC laptop; enable collective document editing

Windows PC Operating Platform
Can be used as an in-room Windows PC with full Windows capabilities

Record an entire VIA video and audio session to a local video file

VIA Versa
Wirelessly connect to the meeting room's camera and AV gear

Web Browser
Access any web browser and display content from any website

Third-Party Apps
Support for wide variety of Windows-based apps, such as Microsoft Office®

4K-UHD Output
Present 4K-UHD content to compatible 4K-UHD displays

HDMI Input
Connect any HDMI source (camera, media player, PC) and present it on the main display

Customizable Screen Layout
Determine how single or multiple presenter screens appear on your main display


Campus² PLUS

VIA Campus²/


VIA Connect²